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Traveling Rules To Denmark

Visa Policies

Traveling Rules To Denmark

Visa Policies

Traveling Rules To Denmark.. DANISH VISA Policies

If you want to trip to Denmark, you need to ask whether you would require a visa. In the assenting, affirm to file a ask for in proper time.



A visa is posted for that cause of the brief hang about (under 3 months) in Denmark along with other Schengen countries. Tourism guide, Job is not really permitted during the continue to be making use of the visa.

Foreign residents who are excused from standard visa requirements can are living, however, not function, from the Schengen place for as very long as three months.

Brief Keep VISAS

A Schengen visa is released for your cause of any simple keep (under 90 days) in Denmark and other Schengen places.

Traveling Rules To Denmark
Traveling Rules To Denmark


Typically, quick keep visas published by Danish missions internationally are applicable for the entire Schengen territory (Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden). A visa is not going to allow you to work in Denmark.

Who requires a visa for Denmark – and do you know the needs?


More information regarding the Danish visa restrictions, along with which foreign nationals need visas, can be found from your website in the Danish Immigration Assistance.

The best places to file your application

Visa requests are highly processed in straight collaboration between the Danish Immigration Support in Copenhagen and Danish quests abroad. Visa needs must be filed at the Danish goal internationally like all Embassies and specific consulates.

Furthermore, the Danish Industry Organizations Taipei Workplace in Taiwan could emanate visas. The quick type “vis” mentioned under information inside the document of Danish Diplomatic and Consular Articles indicates how the goal is certified to emanate visas.

Voluntary consulates will not be permitted to emanate visas. Specific voluntary consulates with special authorization might, on the other hand, take needs and forward those to the supervising Danish Embassy. The quick develop “postvis” talked about under contact info from the selection of Danish Diplomatic and Consular Blog posts specifies that this consulate is permitted to take visa requests. Such conditions, in case a visa is accredited, you should make contact with the Embassy yourself in order to acquire your visa printed in a later period.


When it is a lot better for you personally, it could as well be prearranged how the authorization to post a visa is sent to another Danish mission soon on your way Denmark.

You could make application for a visa at any certified Danish objective in a region where you stand dwelling lawfully on the permanent or transferring schedule.

Traveling Rules To Denmark
Traveling Rules To Denmark


Processing time

Sometimes the visa requests may be inspected and determined by the Danish quest internationally. This is dependent upon the reason of your pay a visit to and some other conditions. In these cases the visa is usually released within a couple of time. All of the other situations should be referenced and packaged by the Danish Immigration Services in Copenhagen.


Home and Job Permits

For sojourns more than three months together with staying in relation with studies or working, along with function as au pair, a property and/or operate permit is necessary. However, particular regulations relate to people from your Nordic Nations, the EU Participant Claims in addition to Switzerland and Liechtenstein.


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